New Blog/New Name

New…perhaps that’s the perfect word to describe everything I’m experiencing. I’m a new Blogger, a new Author with a new book, new to Social Media…new. Sometimes that’s a scary place to be.

I find myself wrestling with every decision, fearful of failure.

Three years of my life have gone into writing a book. Because all of the stories in it are true, it was as if my very identity had become the book, Oliver Flower.  But I am not a book. I am simply someone who is wrestling for the new, trying to overcome the challenges set before me, and see God’s hand at work.

In the book of Genesis, Jacob entered a wrestling match of sorts. It continued all night until the break of a new day. Although he walked away limping, Jacob persevered, overcame, and was given a new name. I continue to wrestle with every decision, limping my way through technology that my grandchildren have mastered!

But it is the breaking of a new day and I am embracing it!  So in the spirit of perseverance and overcoming, the blog has been given a new name.

One thought on “New Blog/New Name

  1. Hi Randy,
    Great to see you spreading your wings in yet another direction. The Lord’s plans for us are so much greater than we usually imagine–but we must embrace the plan to make it happen. He so loves to work his grace and power through us.
    We at Sonshine Circle in Blakely are looking forward to hearing from you at our UMW luncheon in June. Perhaps you could list it in your ‘Upcoming Events’ section? It will be an event for us!
    Blessings in Christ,
    Anne Marshall

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