New Blog/New Name

New…perhaps that’s the perfect word to describe everything I’m experiencing. I’m a new Blogger, a new Author with a new book, new to Social Media…new. Sometimes that’s a scary place to be.

I find myself wrestling with every decision, fearful of failure.

Three years of my life have gone into writing a book. Because all of the stories in it are true, it was as if my very identity had become the book, Oliver Flower.  But I am not a book. I am simply someone who is wrestling for the new, trying to overcome the challenges set before me, and see God’s hand at work.

In the book of Genesis, Jacob entered a wrestling match of sorts. It continued all night until the break of a new day. Although he walked away limping, Jacob persevered, overcame, and was given a new name. I continue to wrestle with every decision, limping my way through technology that my grandchildren have mastered!

But it is the breaking of a new day and I am embracing it!  So in the spirit of perseverance and overcoming, the blog has been given a new name.