You’re a good Maker


Buttery Goodness

“You’re a good maker just like Emma”, declared my three year old grandson!

Wow!  Praises of the highest order!

His eleven year old sister is the pancake maker in their house.  Every weekend she diligently prepares batter, sometimes putting her own spin on the recipe.  A dash of vanilla, a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Before you know it, buttery goodness swathed in syrup magically appears!

This is the three year old’s standard by which all other pancakes are measured!

The new mix I bought for Christmas confused my granddaughter.  Suddenly the morning routine was unfamiliar.  The tried and true no longer applied as different ingredients and cooking times were introduced.  The sprinkle of cinnamon was quickly replaced by a smidgen of frustration.

Unaware of our collaboration in the kitchen, the three year old waited patiently at the table for Grandma’s pancakes.  And with just one taste, he deemed them worthy of praise! So he praised their maker.

~And that got me to thinking ~

Embracing the new can be a little confusing, sometimes frustrating…even frightening at times.  There are no familiar routines…no tried and true methods for me to apply to the uncharted territory.

Ultimately, my only choice is to come to the Table……to wait…patiently wait.  And though I am tested…I continue to wait.

But before I know it, buttery goodness swathed in syrup magically appears ~ And with just one taste, I can see that it is good and worthy of praise.

~ So  I  Praise ~

My Maker

the Standard by which all others are measured

as I embrace the new!

  “Taste and see that The Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in Him.”

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